A Blog from Louise

A Day in My Life. Louise Morley Business Manager at AtkinsonNotary Limited

I have been at AtkinsonNotary now for 7 months and thought it would be a good time to put a blog out there about being a Notary’s Assistant and the Business Manager at AtkinsonNotary. This can be quite challenging, every day is certainly not the same!

The work is very variable and very interesting. A few examples are seeing Company Directors/Secretaries to notarise company documentation i.e Memorandum & Articles, Certificates of Good Standing or seeing private individuals for the more personal touch of Notarising their paperwork for getting married abroad, adoption or even working abroad.

Some clients do find it quite daunting coming to see a Notary as it is probably the first time they have ever been asked to see a “Notary” and some clients do not know what the difference is between a Notary and a Solicitor – it is my job to explain why the transaction papers have to be dealt with by a Notary if the papers are for use outside of England and Wales and it is my job to make the process as simple, straight-forward and dealt with as efficiently as possible.

When you book in to see the Notary, depending on which country you require your documentation for, it may be that Notarisation is only the first step. Some counties require further legalisation, which could involve sending the document down to the Foreign Office for an Apostille. Some clients will deal with this step themselves, most ask us to obtain the Apostille.

An Apostille is a confirmation from the Government that Mr Atkinson who has notarised your paper(s) is indeed a Notary! – and this process enables the recipient in the country in which the transaction to take place, to be certain that the papers have been dealt with correctly in the UK by a fully qualified Notary Public. The Apostille bears a unique number and it is this unique number which the recipient can use to back-check that it is genuine.

And even then, some transactions do not stop here, some countries then require further stamps issued by the consulate of that country usually based in London. Again, this is something that I can deal with on your behalf by instructing our London Agents who will physically walk around to the consulate in question and obtain the further stamps as necessary. Prices of these stamps vary from consulate to consulate and I can check those costs for you at the time of the appointment. On occasion the cost of the stamps will vary depending upon the wording of the paperwork and Mr Atkinson has the expertise to ensure that where possible the wording used will result in the lowest Consular fees being charged

Notaries must keep records of the jobs they have undertaken for life and it is my job to make sure everything is correctly documented and full scanned copies of every paper notarised is complete and correct. Each client must produce on the day of their visit appropriate identification, this is important as we cannot go any further unless identification is provided. At the booking stage I confirm to the client what identification they need and of course the fees involved.

My job is not just limited to the day to day booking, keeping records and arranging any further legalisation but it also involves marketing. My main marketing exercise is to get the business name out there for the public to see, this can involve sending emails to past clients, companies and solicitors updating them on the latest goings on in the world of notarising.

Mr Atkinson who is the Notary prepares very interesting blogs based sometimes on recent transactions and it is my job to make sure that all clients we have seen in the past, and also the Solicitors who refer to us, continue to get the latest updates. I think it is important to get as much information out there as possible and hopefully our clients agree!

I think it is important to forge a good bond with our referrers, after all they are referring work to us and it is our job to make sure their clients are well looked after at all times.

Hopefully you will agree, that being a Notary Assistant can be challenging and rewarding and I am very proud to help clients in whatever way I can in providing an excellent service.

Louise, Business Manager at AtkinsonNotary Limited