All Change in Procedure for Bulgaria

All Change in Procedure for Bulgaria

In the world of Notarisation as everywhere the Devil is in the Detail. For example, many of the Countries of the World have their own conventions which, whilst not really a matter of law, are so firmly entrenched that a document which does not comply is likely to be rejected. For example, using blue ink for Italy, using black ink for Florida USA, sending a Power of Attorney to India without a photograph of the Donor attached, could all result in the work being refused, start again, with all the attendant costs payable all over again!

A recent new quirk for Notaries to remember, has arisen from Bulgaria. Now, any Power of Attorney granted in UK for use in Bulgaria must bear the Notary’s certificate that a second identical document is held in the Notary’s file in England.

The words -“BE IT KNOWN that I, …of ……. in England, a duly authorised Notary Public now CERTIFY that one further original of this power of attorney is kept in the notary archive in my offices” -should suffice.

So whilst most of the World is moving towards a “greener” process of holding records in electronic form only, other parts of it are moving in the other direction!

This seems easy enough to comply with, it is just another thing for me to remember!