CRB Checks – A Lack of Joined-Up Thinking

Are You A Criminal? – Who Knows! [Or – A Plea For Joined Up Thinking.]

Many Citizens of the UK seek work abroad every day. Many – perhaps most – of those overseas employers require proof that their new employee is not a criminal. No problem, that can be proven with a “CRB check” – now called DBS (Disclosure and Barring) check.

OK, now you’ve got your Certificate and it says you are a good Boy or Girl – no criminal record. BUT, – how will the employer abroad know that your DBS check certificate is genuine and you didn’t make it yourself on your computer [or if you are my age, on your John Bull Printing Set]?

The United Kingdom is a signatory to the Convention of The Hague of 1961. An international Convention in use for over 50 years all round the World.

The central agreement of the Convention is that if the British Government, through our Foreign and Commonwealth Office, attaches an Apostille certificate to any paper thereby confirming that the signature to it is genuine, then its genuine status can be accepted throughout the world in any Country which has also signed to the Convention.

But Duh – Would you believe it, the UK Disclosure and Barring Service will now not issue a certificate which is actually signed by anyone. So, the Foreign Office cannot attach an Apostille confirming that the signatory – and therefore the document – is genuine.

Sometimes you just have to laugh. At any rate don’t cry – Give me a call instead and we’ll get it sorted.