Daily Mail 15th May 2014 “600,000 Parents Stopped at Britain’s Borders” Best Advice – Carry a Notarised Consent to Travel

Daily Mail 15th May 2014 “600,000 Parents Stopped at Britain’s Borders”
Best Advice – Carry a Notarised Consent to Travel

This month the Daily Mail reported on the phenomenon I have been mentioning in my blogs for some time now.

People are getting stopped and investigated at national borders [not only UK borders] when they are travelling with minors of a different surname, even when those minors are their own children, travelling with both parents. Even more likely to be stopped, if there is no or only one parent travelling.

Whether or not you believe everything printed in the Daily Mail [And Yes, 600,000 seems a very precise number and it is not stated whether they were all stopped yesterday, every week, every year, or since the dawn of time – and Yes also, “Stopped at the Border” would presumably include a delay of only five minutes] there is no doubt that Border and Immigration Officials are increasingly concerned to prevent child kidnap.

Their problem in today’s world is that the classic nuclear family comprised of Mum and Dad and their 2 point 4 children all with the same surname is getting harder to find in UK.

There are over two million “single – parent” families in UK and nearly another two million unmarried parents living together with their children. There are no figures at all on how many children a year fly abroad with only one parent or with a granny or family friend.

So when the Border officials are given the job of preventing child kidnap, it should be no surprise that they will stop so many people. No doubt for many of them the matter can be resolved in five or ten minutes. Even that can be long enough to lose a connecting flight or train.

For others there is a very real prospect of being detained for very much longer, with the flight missed, the holiday entirely ruined and the cost of it maybe thousands of pounds down the drain

So I am writing again to remind you – the answer to all this is a Notarised Certificate of Parental or Guardian Consent, best with Birth Certificates annexed. Especially if your children do not share your surname (see the Sunday Telegraph article by Alex Polizzi whose children are “Miller” – and she was detained trying to get back into UK AFTER their holiday!) or if they are travelling with only one parent, or with a more distant family friend, then I strongly recommend that you contact me

Please share this point with your colleagues and friends and spread the news, and Please do contact me whenever you need Notarial certification or Legalisation – at http://www.atkinsonnotary.com or phone me on 0113 816 0116 (internationally 0044 113 8160116)

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