Cybersecurity – Not Just For Dummies

Cybersecurity for Dummies? It’s for all of us – Plenty of very intelligent people have been hacked or scammed.

We all rely upon our computers and most of us don’t understand much about them. My job is to certify that people and companies and certificates are genuine. To an extent the Notarial Profession is under attack from computer based companies who suggest that this kind of certification should be provided by computers and would be cheaper if it were.

I have been interested in learning about the risks of using the internet – scamming, phishing, hacking.

My own view is that you replace a Notary with a computer at your peril – computers can be engines of Deceit [who really even knows where an email has come from?] – Notaries are engines of Trust.

Take the case of the “Internet Certification Company” called DigiNotar. This company authenticated huge amounts of data for third parties, charged fees and yet seems to have made no efforts at all to keep its data safe.

When it got hacked, it made matters worse by failing to admit what had happened, so that none of its customers knew that their data had been stolen.

Surfing the internet, as you do, I came across this link to free e-book, and obviously since I am from Yorkshire and like a bargain when it’s free, I clicked the link.

The “for Dummies” series is a well-known brand of instruction books and this one is written by a large US company which writes and sells Internet and Computer network safety programs. And sure enough one of the horror stories it mentions is the tale of DigiNotar, the “digital certification” company bankrupted by hackers. By the way, the title is catchy but the book is certainly not for Dummies. There are simple messages included among the complicated ones however – “take nothing on the internet at its face value” being the primary one.

If you want to read it, – I am ploughing through it now and certainly gaining an appreciation of the risks of the internet if not too much of an understanding about how to deal with them – the link is below.

Click to access cybersecurity-for-dummies.pdf

[Palo Alto, which has produced the book, is a large US company which writes Internet and Computer network safety programs. Obviously, there are many other Companies in this market]

My own view is that we Notaries have been reliably certifying truth for the past thousand years or so. If computers and the Internet are the best available alternative, the Notarial Profession should be fine for a few years yet!

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