Blogging is Good – Spam is Very Bad Indeed

Blogging is Good – Spam is Very Bad Indeed.

You receive my regular blogs because your email address is in my list of contacts. Probably you are a client of mine or have recommended work to me; at any rate we have a relationship and I am not emailing you “out of the blue”. All reputable bloggers and mass-email companies work this way.

But as we all know there are many spammers out there who are not reputable at all. They buy lists of emails, they send millions of messages sometimes looking for legitimate work and sometimes “phishing” for criminal purposes. Most of us, business people, computer literate, are savvy enough to delete this stuff.

But others, particularly the elderly, perhaps with slight confusion or with dementia, can be panicked. This constant spam can blight their lives – every day receiving these emails or letters or worse still phone calls. “You have won a raffle”. “You need to claim about your accident”. I have met people who have been plagued with this stuff and who have become very anxious and worried. Spending hours, days even, trying to claim prizes that don’t exist. Phoning children with the good news that they are going to give them the new BMW that will be delivered shortly.

If you know about anyone who is in this position do contact The Information Commissioners Office and report it – 0303 123 1113
Click below and read at least a little bit of good news, of a raid last week on a “claims management call centre” which has sent over six million spam texts. Link here

In the meantime – thank you for reading my blogs!

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