Make Your Will – It’s Still Important. [New Law – But No Real Change!]

It must be a least a week or so since I last wrote a blog to suggest that all adults should make a Will – so it must be time to do so again!

I have pointed out in earlier blogs, just how often I have met clients who are not married, or are married with children, but who have never made a Will. When I ask them why not, they say there is no need to because “my partner will get everything when I die”. I cannot say too often or too loud that this is quite simply not the case.

Even the survivor of a married couple with children cannot assume that this will be true.

There is a new law coming into effect early in October 2014 called “The Inheritance and Trustees’ Powers Act 2014” – this will probably receive coverage in the press and television and it is true that as a result of this new law a surviving spouse with children will receive a greater maximum share of the estate of the first to die.

However the new law falls far short of what the Law Commission had been recommending.

The Commission had proposed that unmarried partners who had lived together for 5 year (or for 2 years if they have children) have the right to inherit each other’s money on death without a Will.

This provision has NOT been implemented whatsoever and realistically nothing important has changed – the new Law makes no difference whatsoever to what must be any Lawyer’s advice – DO PLEASE – FOR THE SAKE OF THOSE YOU LOVE – MAKE A WILL

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