Here We Are – The Final Quarter of 2014 – What Are Your Plans For 2015?

Here We Are – The Final Quarter of 2014 – What Are Your Plans For 2015?

What are your plans for 2015? Maybe considering working overseas? Maybe looking to invest in property abroad? Expanding your business abroad? Whatever your plans might be you are more than likely going to need to see a Notary.

Or even – booking a holiday? It should be noted that if you have children who are wishing to travel overseas without one or both parents, perhaps with family friends or with grandparents, then increasingly the border guards and Airlines are requiring a “Notarised Consent to Travel” for that child/children. See my earlier blog here  If you are unsure as to whether a Consent to Travel would be required then my advice is don’t risk it but get one prepared. I can arrange for this to be prepared for you and Notarised at the same time.

If you are considering working overseas – then it is highly likely that you will need to produce Notarised documents in relation to your educational qualifications. Once Notarised sometimes depending on the country further legalisation is required i.e. Apostilles (stamps issued by the Foreign Office) and Consular stamps. My job is to deal with Notarisations and I can also obtain any further legalisation that may be required. If you require further guidance as to a particular country’s requirements i.e. whether “Notarised and legalised” or just “Notarised” then please do not hesitate to contact me.

If you are proceeding to purchase a property abroad then please note any paperwork which you are required to sign can be done here in Leeds [or at your office or home] in my presence. You do not need to travel to that particular Country to deal with this. My signature and seal is recognised throughout the world. Dealing with documentation with me negates the need for travel thereby saving you time and money. The same applies should you wish to sell property overseas.

Expanding your business – if you are looking to expand abroad then no doubt you will have instructed Lawyers in that country. Again, any paperwork that needs to be signed or authenticated can be Notarised with me. Do note, that a Solicitor cannot do this. Indeed, even some Solicitors are unaware that their writ extends only to the boundaries of England and Wales.

I can liaise directly with your Legal advisers in England and abroad as necessary. I have access to Company House documents and most International Registries and can download what verification might be required and Notarise accordingly.

The function and purpose of an English Notary is to help people in England and Wales to deal with documentation here for use abroad. I am a full time Notary [I was a Solicitor but have retired from that profession] and therefore keep my diary clear for international paperwork only. I deal with it promptly and efficiently. Please do get in touch if we can help. and (T) 0113 816 0116