Network with Me at AtkinsonNotary

Networking through AtkinsonNotary?

My weekly blog is now reaching some six thousand people – all of you are direct contacts of mine and the vast majority either clients of mine or referrers to me.

Although my recipients are spread worldwide, most of you are in West Yorkshire. It occurs to me that given that you have either personal business outside of England and Wales, or clients with foreign assets and affairs to attend to, there might be some common interest to be identified.

My blog could put you in touch with suppliers of required services, or with people who require your services.

If you would like to email me with details of any services you might require – foreign Will making – Powers of Attorney, legal or trademark advice abroad, – or services you can provide to clients of mine, please feel free to do so and I can mention your details in future blogs.

To start this particular ball rolling I can mention a recent meeting with Padma Tadi.

Padma is a Solicitor in Leeds specialising in Business Immigration.
[I wonder, does anyone in Leeds need guidance upon recruiting footballers from Italy? Only joking]

Do please email or phone me if you would like to receive, or publish, more detail.

Please do contact me whenever you need Notarial certification or Legalisation – at or phone me on 0113 816 0116 (internationally 0044 113 8160116)

Police Powers – Your Data.

Notaries Retain Data Too – Just Not in a Snoopy Way!

The Police need to access the Data people want to hide. A Notary proves the Data you need to show the World

In July this year Parliament has brought into force a new Law regulating Computer, mobile phone and email Data and its retention for official scrutiny. This has been passed as an Emergency measure at great speed after an earlier judgment of the European Court of Justice this year. The European Court found aspects of the UK Laws of electronic data retention to be unacceptable or in breach of human rights or otherwise invalid. It said this about the laws or practices of other European countries too, but UK has reacted the most speedily. The Data Retention and Investigatory Powers Act 2014 is now fully in force and you can read its terms on the government website.

The new Law does not require that every phone call or email should be recorded, but it does place an obligation on communication providers to retain the “meta-data” – that is, the data of phone numbers called, the times and duration of phone calls, the address of emails, recipient, senders etc.

Further this law expressly requires foreign telecommunication services to keep the same records as British ones must do, if they wish to conduct their business in Britain.

In addition all such services must be capable of being “tapped” when duly authorised.

The arguments both for and against privacy and communication are well understood – Citizens [so-called, in fact we are not Citizens, we are Subjects of the Crown] in Britain will be pleased that the Government has given itself rights which may help to prevent terrorist attack.

On the other hand these are the same powers which would, if mishandled, give a Government the legal ability to snoop on just about every aspect of every person’s life. No doubt citizens would not be so keen on these Government powers if the Government were a repressive regime such as say the old East Germany or Ceausescu’s Romania. But in any case, Jurisdictions like that don’t care what their citizens think.

Of course, for most of us our Data – about who we are and what agreements we have made, what job we have, what Degrees we have attained – are essential and the important thing is to be able to prove that they are Genuine.

That is my function, to Notarise your personal or Business information and warrant it to be Correct so that the truth of it is understood and accepted in any Country in the World.

Please do contact me whenever you need Notarial certification or Legalisation – at or phone me on 0113 816 0116 (internationally 0044 113 8160116)

Educational Certificates – A Reminder From Louise

Educational Certificates – A Reminder From Louise

As the Business Manager at AtkinsonNotary I get to speak with many clients who need to meet the Notary to have their Educational Certificates Notarised.

It has been mentioned in a previous blog, but I think it is time to highlight again the issues we to deal with when Notarising Degrees and other Certificates for use abroad.

Clients often attend before the Notary to request that their Educational Certificates be simply “Notarised”. Often it becomes clear that you have not been told exactly what is required. It is of course essential that we know what wording of Notarisation is required if we are to produce a Certificate which will be accepted abroad.

Which option is needed?

1. Firstly, to Notarise a copy of your Certificate and confirm that it is a true copy of the original but NOT verified? This Notarisation can be given at the time of the appointment.

2. Secondly, to Notarise a copy or the original of your Certificate AND SAY THE ORIGINAL IS GENUINE? This Notarisation cannot be given at the time of the appointment. In order for us to be able to give this Notarisation you need to give us a signed Consent for the University in question to release its information to us [some Universities charge a small fee for this information]. Unfortunately we cannot take the word of anyone other than the University or School itself that any Certificate is genuine – we must complete our own investigations.

Sometimes even after asking the end-user “which Certification do you need?” it is still impossible to get a clear answer. In that case, perhaps the safest Notarisation is option Two.

After all, if we have checked that your qualifications are genuine and have said so, then this is a “Belt and Braces” approach to the job.

If you would like to discuss matters further with me then please do note that I am more than happy to help. You can contact me by email or by telephone on 0113 816 0116. Or, click here

Protection against Counterfeiters – Possible Good News From China

Protection against Counterfeiters – Possible Good News From China

Most companies which have unique products are likely to have taken steps to protect their Intellectual Property Rights [IP] – with Patents, Trademarks, Design Documentation and Copyright.

Each such right can be protected within various rules and procedures – some are enforceable in some Countries and not in others but in most Countries there is a workable system.

However for many years Companies have found either real or anecdotal evidence to suggest that protection of IP in China is something of a never-ending struggle. Fake goods, theft of trademarks, logos and blatant counterfeiting are perceived to be the order of the day.

The problem is often that just as soon as one IP Infringer has been closed down through the Chinese Courts another appears again – leaving with the feeling you are in the fairground game where the pesky little moles keep appearing and as soon as you hit one with a hammer two more pop up. Or in the digital age, killing Zombies on your computer then watching them coming back for more, in ever larger numbers.

It does now appear that the Chinese government are aware that trademark and other IP protection is important not only for Companies trading in The People’s Republic of China but also for home-grown Chinese inventors.

The Chinese websites are mentioning a revived Government intention to change the way in which IP protection is dealt with, with the Government and the Courts there more actively siding with the IP Holder.

It is particularly encouraging also to see that the online phenomenon “Ali Baba” is incorporating a new strategy to dissuade IP infringers.

WHO? Ali Baba, that’s who. This is in fact a very big deal. Ali Baba at the end of this year expects its total business turnover to exceed that of Amazon and EBay PUT TOGETHER. If it can take effective steps, particular in China, to kick the imposters off their website this can only be seen to be good news.

They appear to be introducing a “three strikes and you’re out rule” – first if a retailer is found guilty of offering fake goods then they get a warning and secondly if they do it again they are suspended from the website for 7 days then after that, the third strike, comes as the permanent closure of that Merchant’s use of Ali Baba

The new initiative is also being linked to a policy of education – after strikes one and two, Merchants will be encouraged by Ali Baba to learn more about copyright rules so that it is hoped that genuine sellers who are offering counterfeits by mistake rather than with criminal intent will learn how to tell the difference and mend their ways.

This seems to be a very positive move in the market place and all legitimate traders in China will be hoping that the example set by Ali Baba is noted, and followed, as widely as possible.

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