Educational Certificates – A Reminder From Louise

Educational Certificates – A Reminder From Louise

As the Business Manager at AtkinsonNotary I get to speak with many clients who need to meet the Notary to have their Educational Certificates Notarised.

It has been mentioned in a previous blog, but I think it is time to highlight again the issues we to deal with when Notarising Degrees and other Certificates for use abroad.

Clients often attend before the Notary to request that their Educational Certificates be simply “Notarised”. Often it becomes clear that you have not been told exactly what is required. It is of course essential that we know what wording of Notarisation is required if we are to produce a Certificate which will be accepted abroad.

Which option is needed?

1. Firstly, to Notarise a copy of your Certificate and confirm that it is a true copy of the original but NOT verified? This Notarisation can be given at the time of the appointment.

2. Secondly, to Notarise a copy or the original of your Certificate AND SAY THE ORIGINAL IS GENUINE? This Notarisation cannot be given at the time of the appointment. In order for us to be able to give this Notarisation you need to give us a signed Consent for the University in question to release its information to us [some Universities charge a small fee for this information]. Unfortunately we cannot take the word of anyone other than the University or School itself that any Certificate is genuine – we must complete our own investigations.

Sometimes even after asking the end-user “which Certification do you need?” it is still impossible to get a clear answer. In that case, perhaps the safest Notarisation is option Two.

After all, if we have checked that your qualifications are genuine and have said so, then this is a “Belt and Braces” approach to the job.

If you would like to discuss matters further with me then please do note that I am more than happy to help. You can contact me by email or by telephone on 0113 816 0116. Or, click here