Hollywood comes to West Yorkshire – By Louise Morley

Hollywood comes to West Yorkshire – By Louise Morley

I have mentioned before in an earlier blog that one working day is never the same as another for a Notary’s Assistant.

We were instructed recently to attend upon a film set for an upcoming Hollywood movie to assist with some Notarial requirements. It was very exciting I must say! – We got to meet the Director who had very kindly offered us the opportunity to stick around and watch the scene being played out [by an “A” list star I might add].

The atmosphere was electric and I must admit I was in awe of the situation and could not quite believe how the day had come about where I was in the office one minute and standing in the middle of a film set the next watching the making of a Hollywood blockbuster!

You just never know who might call upon your services and I can say that I will never forget this particular working day!

Please remember if you are in England and  have any documentation that is for use outside of England and Wales then this should be executed in the presence of a Notary [and not a Solicitor].

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