Internet And Email Safety – Can You Spot A Scam? Take a Test!

Internet And Email Safety – Can You Spot A Scam?

No doubt most of us believe that we are reasonably safe in our use of computers and IT. Sufficiently aware of the risks to ensure that the 419 scammers will not hook us in with promises of [non-existent] legacies from deceased Nigerian millionaires.

Perhaps because most Scammers and Phishers are blatantly obvious, there is a risk that the more clever scams can get under the radar. The criminals are well aware of this and will be working long hours refining and improving the tricks of their horrible trade.
Not so long ago a fake email pretending to come from a Bank would contain ludicrous grammar and spelling mistakes. Now, not so much.

However careful you think you are, it never hurts to review your personal or Company procedures. How about your response to the latest round of scams – the false invoice?
These past months there has been a massive increase in fake invoices purportedly from the European Patent office or the Office For Harmonisation In The Internal Market – and/or appearing to emanate from Other International Patent Design or Trademark Registration Authorities.

Because the sums demanded in these fake invoices are, generally speaking, fairly low the likelihood is that the invoice email or letter will be passed to relatively junior staff in the accounts department of a Business and get paid.

Of course the criminal does not know whether any particular Business actually has any Spanish or Chinese Intellectual Property to protect. He doesn’t care. It is a percentage game – sending millions of invoices to get hundreds of them paid.

There is more detail on the government website link below.

If you feel reasonably confident – not to say a little bit smug – that your systems and procedures are in good order you can try a simple test on the internet from the Citizens Advice Bureau website

Can you score 100%? Let me know if you did – good luck.

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The Government advice page

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