Time is Money – How to Minimise my Fee!

Time is Money – How to minimise my Fee!

Some practical points to minimise time and therefore the cost of our Notarial meeting. These are simple points and perhaps seem a little obvious once written but time and time again I find that not doing them can cost you in terms of delay and expense. So:-

* If you can, please send your paperwork to me by fax or email to me before our meeting. Five or ten minutes of my time in consideration could give me the opportunity to identify any defect in the papers which have been provided from abroad – this would at the very least save you the inconvenience of a wasted journey before any such problems are resolved.

* If appropriate please send me also the full set of instructions you have received from your advisers abroad. Sometimes the instructions are impossible to understand – sometimes they are impossible to achieve – for example if the advisers abroad are requiring that an Apostille be attached to a copy of your UK Birth or Marriage Certificate they will have to be told this is not possible.

* Sometimes instructions are incomplete. For example there may be three or four documents required and you may be told to obtain further legalisation – yes, – but – if we can bind the documents together this will save legalisation fees. We need to be told therefore whether the documents can be bound together in order to reduce the total number of Certificates – sometimes this can save hundreds of pounds but sometimes if the papers were bundled together then the receiving jurisdiction would reject everything and then we would have to start again. Only your advisers abroad have this information and neither you nor we are telepathic.

* Bring your Identification papers – before any notarial job can be carried out we are required to see original identification for each client i.e. passport and proof of address i.e. utility bill or bank statement. We do state this in our confirmation of appointment email to clients but we do on occasion have clients attend our offices who have not brought the full identification documents – this can delay matters because we cannot release any papers until those identification requirements are satisfied.

Below is a list of some of the most popular services that we offer.

Translation Services.

If you need any documentation translating from any language then we can help. We have agents who can make any translations you require. All you need to do is send a scan (if possible) by email otherwise by fax and we can obtain a quote from our translators and revert back to you with the translation cost and also the notarisation quote.

Working Abroad If you plan on working abroad then please note we can deal with authenticating your educational certificates. There are alternative notarisations that can be given on educational certificates and the two notarisations [Verified, or Non-Verified] have been mentioned in our earlier blogs – see link for more info: Verify?

If you require any further information in relation to the services that we offer then please do not hesitate to contact me and I will be more than happy to discuss in more detail and also tell you any guidance about legalisation for that particular country.

Property abroad

If you are looking to purchase or sell a property overseas then the likelihood is that you will need to see a Notary in England at some point to deal with your legal documents. We are able to liaise with your legal advisers abroad and obtain directly to us by email [then print out] any documentation that you are required to sign. We also have various contacts throughout the world so if you need a foreign adviser please contact us and we might be able to put you in touch with one of our contacts.

Court documents

If you have an ongoing Court case abroad then please note that any Court documents which you need to deal with i.e. Affidavits, Declarations etc. can be attested and sworn here in our office in Leeds negating the need for you to travel overseas to do this.

Marriages abroad

If you are wishing to tie the knot overseas then we can help. You will most likely be asked to produce notarised identification documents or completed Notices of Intended Marriage forms. A quick trip into our office and we can deal with your requirements swiftly and accurately and of course also help with any legalisation requirements.

Execution in England of your foreign Will

Above are just a few of examples of the work we do: but there is really no end to the scope of the Certifications we can give.

Please do navigate through to our website for more information or contact us by phone or email, we are very happy to help: at http://www.atkinsonnotary.com or phone me on 0113 816 0116 (internationally 0044 113 8160116) and email notary@atkinsonnotary.com and louise@atkinsonnotary.com