The Internet Will Disappear During The Next Few Years – Says Google

The Internet Will Disappear During The Next Few Years?

All Lawyers and, perhaps, in particular Notaries are keenly interested in the meaning of words.

I was at first rather taken aback by a recent statement made by Eric Schmidt. He is the Executive Chairman of Google a Company which has become rich because of the almost universal adoption of its services by Internet users.

He relies upon the Internet to provide his enormous wealth yet Eric Schmidt has said at the world economic forum in Davos “I WILL ANSWER VERY SIMPLY THAT THE INTERNET WILL DISAPPEAR”.

Come again?

Oh, Yes, I see. Most English speakers are now using the word “disappear” to mean “Go Away” “Die out” and “Cease To Exist”.

Of course “disappear” literally means none of the above. It means “become non-apparent”.

Accordingly the statement of Mr Schmidt means the exact opposite of what many people would initially believe him to mean. Mr Schmidt is telling us that the Internet will become so woven into the fabric of all our lives and every aspect of them that it will be omnipresent and as such, like the air that we breathe, no longer apparent to us.

Mr Schmidt is talking about a world just round the corner, where not only our phones and computers, but also our fridges, gas boilers, our wrist watches, cars, the front door lock of our houses, our bicycles measuring our heart rates, our burglar alarms and most of the clothes that we wear even, are all connected to the Internet. Maybe even surgical implants – the Internet under our skins.

That sort of disappearing! So “Disappearing” means – “Taking Over”. Who knew?

One presumes that Eric Schmidt knows what he is talking about if anyone does. He is describing a very interesting future for us all, is he not? As well as a vocabulary lesson.

Anyway, back to what remains of the present day – I have not disappeared in any sense of the word; I am as ever here in Leeds and ready to provide my Notarial Services – Do please contact me whenever I can assist. I am at and +44 (0)113 816 0116 and or