Working Abroad? – We have the Certificates! Louise Explains

Working Abroad – Australia, UAE, anywhere really – we have the Certificates!

Louise Morley explains.
Each year for several years now we have seen an increase in Notarisations of our clients’ Educational Certificates i.e Degree Certificates, Transcripts etc….

We have written previous Blogs about the two different Notarisations we can give on any such Certificate [see link here].

The main reason why we get asked to Notarise educational certificates is for clients who are wishing to work abroad – whether temporarily or permanently. The relevant authorities in that country require to see Notarised evidence of our clients’ educational certificates.

The purpose of a Notarial certificate is to confirm fact – and this might be either of
1 the Notarisation is to just confirm that “A” is a true copy of an original document “B” or
2 that the original document is itself genuine.

Either way, The Notary’s certificate can be relied upon.

These are different certifications, so the wording of the Notarial certificate reflects the action which the Notary has taken. Which one is appropriate, depends entirely upon the requirements of the country where the Notarised certificate is to be used.

There are other quirks which we will bear in mind for you. One example, for use in Australia, is the request that the Notary to use the word “sighted” in his certificate – i.e “I certify that this is a true copy of the original sighted by me” – if this word is not used then the likelihood is that the certificate would be rejected, even though in England the word is archaic and modern usage would be to use “seen”.

Here at AtkinsonNotary we endeavour to keep up with the requirements of the foreign jurisdictions and with Chris Atkinson’s now 22 years of experience in preparing Notarial documents we pride ourselves in getting the job done right the first time!

Having said that, we may need to see the same client more than once!

This is not because the documents submitted initially are no good [no, really] but because often your foreign adviser requests more Notarised documents after the event – this is annoying for clients, incurring additional fees and wasted time dealing with documents that could have been done all under one appointment thereby saving time and fees.

Our suggestion is that you always try to ascertain from your foreign adviser, before our first meeting, as much detail as possible as to what documents needs to be notarised – it might also save time if you have a few spares notarised in case more copies are required at a later date. This happens all the time!

If you do get a few additional copies notarised at the first meeting this is cheaper for you than making a later separate appointment after your Foreign contacts suddenly decide that they actually need five not three of everything!

If you, or someone you know is looking to work overseas and needs documents Notarising then please do get in touch and we can discuss further that particular country’s requirements.

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