Beard or No-Beard. Travelling to India After Change of Appearance?

Beard or No-Beard?

Not an afternoon Game Show, perhaps it could be. (Can you recognise which of these six bearded ladies is Angela Merkel? Which of these clean-shaven men is Father Christmas? Well, ok, perhaps the concept needs a little work.)

One of the jobs we are requested to assist with is to Notarise Affidavits in relation to a person’s “change of appearance” – this is most usually required for individuals who hold an Indian passport. (Though not only, indeed I have done this for a US citizen today)

If your passport has some time left on it, yet your photograph no longer resembles you, then it is always wise to apply to have it updated and if you are an Indian citizen and living in England then it is a strict requirement to update your passport with a new photograph.

The usual scenarios which trigger the need for a passport to be updated are:

Baby in arms to child;
Child to teenager
Teenager to Adult,
Non-turban wearer to turban wearer;
Turban wearer to non-turban wearer;
No-beard to beard;
Beard to no-beard.

There may be more which I have not yet come across. I presume a facial tattoo, or its removal, would be on the list for example.

I can prepare the necessary supporting form of Declaration to do this, to be signed when we meet.

Also I need to see with your current or expired passport which shows the old photo. Of course you need to provide me with couple of new photos also.

Then you can affirm the supporting document with me and, after I add my notarial Certificate and stamp and seal, it is ready to be submitted to the Indian High Commission or its agents for the issue of your new or amended passport.

This procedure is well understood by VF Services (UK) Limited who are the agents for the High Commission of India in relation to passport services and is usually completed in a short time with very little fuss. So, if you think that the above relates to you then please do get in contact with us.

Far better to do this before you travel halfway round the world. Because it is entirely possible, if you do not look like your passport photograph, that you will not be allowed on the plane. Worse still, you might be allowed onto the plane, but not allowed to get off it in India!

So I need a song about changes. Chh-chh-changes? No, not that one. Link here

As ever, Please do contact me whenever you need Notarial certification or Legalisation – at or phone me on 0113 816 0116 (internationally 0044 113 8160116)