Apostille Service on Birth, Death and Marriage Certificates. Louise Explains.

Apostille Service on Birth, Death and Marriage Certificates. Louise Explains.

See earlier Blogs [link here] for explanation of the Hague Convention “Apostille” stamp.

We receive many enquiries from clients asking whether we can obtain an “Apostille” on a Birth, Death or Marriage Certificate. The answer to this question is “Yes”.

The Apostille is issued by the Foreign Office in Milton Keynes.

There would be no requirement on our part to notarise the said certificate. We are able to obtain an Apostille in respect of the Registrar who has signed the said certificate.

Of course for many jurisdictions the document will require to be Notarised and in that case the Apostille will refer to Mr Atkinson.

The process must be for the original [NB original only] Birth, Death or Marriage Certificate to be sent to us [this can be posted or brought to us in person].

Often the original Certificate in your possession may have some sentimental value to you. It may be dated the date of your marriage, or birth.

If so, then give us the relevant details and we can obtain a new Certificate directly from the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages.

Do note that what you understand to be the Original Certificate is still headed “Certified Copy”.

This is a source of confusion to many. It derives from the fact that what the Certificate is confirming, is the recording of a Birth or a Death or Marriage in the relevant Register which may be held in a Church or Registry Office or Coroners Court or wherever. That original record is not going to be removed from its place of storage, so the issued Certificate is necessarily going to be a Certified Copy of the source material.

However, the issued Certified Copy is an Original Document. It is subject to Crown Copyright and may not be photocopied. If a photocopy is submitted to the Foreign Office, the FCO will reject it and refuse to attach the Apostille.

Once we have that certificate we are then able to arrange for this to be sent directly to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and obtain an Apostille. The usual timescale to get this back with its Apostille is around 5 days.

Our fee for this service is £75 plus VAT. The Foreign Office charge £30 per Apostille [plus £5.50 courier fee] and there would be special delivery postage payable at £7 plus VAT. The total therefore for one Certificate to be Apostilled is £132.90 inc VAT.

There will be a further cost if you require us to obtain the “Original” [Certified Copy] Certificate directly from the General Records Office or relevant Registry.

There is also an expedited service available for obtaining Apostilles – if your matter is of a very urgent nature then we can obtain the Apostille within two days. If you would like to know more about the expedited service please contact us by email or phone [details listed below] for further information.

If you have any queries on any of the services that we offer then please so not hesitate to email us louise@atkinsonnotary.com and notary@atkinsonnotary.com or alternatively please telephone on 0113 8160116 or 07715608747. Please also feel free to visit our website http://www.atkinsonnotary.com