More Fear from the Taxman

More Fear from the Taxman

There is a new Corporate Report issued on the Government’s HMRC Website Link Here. It is either written by illiterates unfamiliar with the meaning of words, or, much more likely and scary, it actually means what it says.

To backtrack a little, I have written earlier blogs about the difference between Tax Evasion [crime] and Tax Avoidance [not a crime – well, until the meaning of the words have been changed]. Links here

Examples of Tax Avoidance include – Tax avoidance, buying an ISA. Tax avoidance, spending money to improve the fabric of the house you let to your tenants. Tax avoidance, giving money to charity. Tax avoidance, leaving money to your spouse in your Will.

The new corporate report tells us that so far as the Revenue is concerned, Tax evasion and Tax avoidance [which are in fact opposites] are much the same thing.

The expression they use time and again is “Tax avoidance and tax evasion”. [Sometimes it’s “Tax evasion and Tax avoidance.” Ringing the changes a bit].

Linking the two opposites together as synonyms. The intention presumably being to trigger a mental image of general badness and moral turpitude in our little Pavlov’s doggy minds, when the words are repeated over and over again.

As in
“The Government has been relentless in its crackdown on tax evasion and tax avoidance”
As in
“We will also raise an additional £5 billion a year by 2020 by tackling tax avoidance and tax planning, evasion and compliance”.

So yes, if you go in for a bit of Tax Planning, you rotten criminal you.

And Crikey Mikey, they are going to attack tax compliance. [I suspect the idiot writer/proofreader was too excited, thumping away on his spittle-flecked computer, to notice that what they are “against” is actually non-compliance not the opposite].

If the HMRC report is actually more than a kind of written shot in the arm to encourage its tax collectors, then it seems to be a clear statement that what they consider to be bad tax behaviour will be punished – whether or not it is perfectly legal.

So who needs a democracy, House of Parliament, laws, all that malarkey?

It seems to me that there is a lot of name-calling when say, Jimmy Carr, is found to have perfectly legally avoided a lot of tax. Everyone seems to enjoy it when a person who is richer than they are gets into the news for doing nothing wrong.

But one day, it may be you they come for. Not so funny then.

Certainly it will simpler, when all earnings for everyone in the country are paid direct to the HMRC , so that it can deduct whatever its version of morality dictates should be deducted, and then if there is anything left, we can apply for it to be paid to us. Easier really. But a little bit fascist, n’est-ce pas

Let’s go to this week’s song. Before the taxman takes the money in our kitty and our dignity.

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