Notarised Translations of Your Documents? Yes We Can! [Spain. Angola. Anywhere]

Notarised Translations of Your Documents? Yes We Can! [Spain. Angola. Anywhere]

Do you have a document that needs translation before Notarisation? We get asked on many occasions whether we can provide translations – the answer, as Bob would say, is “Yes We Can”.

If you have a document(s) that requires translating from any language into any other then we can provide this service – we can also certify that the translation is genuine.

We would ask that you email a scan of the document you require translating and we can obtain a quote from our translators as to the cost. If agreed we can then proceed.

Once the translation has been concluded the Notary can prepare a certificate to confirm that the translation is true and genuine.

We get asked to obtain translations for many reasons but one instance is that a death has occurred of an individual who has assets abroad – money or land.

For example, Spain. – It is usual in the case of the death of a Spanish-property-owning person that in order to deal with the transfer/sale of that property the Spanish will require that the English Death Certificate, Probate and any Will be translated from English to Spanish and then the translation to be notarised as genuine and an Apostille to be obtained [see my earlier blog in relation to Apostille SEE LINK HERE].

Once the process has been carried out the translated documents should be sufficient for the Spanish to proceed accordingly.

Another common example is Angola – any documents for use in Angola will require translating into Portuguese – whether this be Academic Certificates/Declarations/Powers of Attorney/Affidavits and so on…

Also there are even rules in Angola as to the order in which the papers should be bound together – always the Portuguese text must come first.

We have recently been asked to translate an individual’s Academic certificates into the Portuguese language and then for the Notary to prepare his notarised certificate to confirm that the translations are genuine.

The notarised translations were duly accepted by the Angolan Embassy and stamped accordingly making the documents all good for use in Angola. [Phew!]

One thing to bear in mind if you require a notarised translation is that we do not notarise translations unless we have commissioned them ourselves.

There are many reasons why you might need the services of a translator and if you do require this service then please do contact us and we can discuss your requirements in full detail and can provide you with the necessary process and costs information.

So contact us in order to ensure that nothing is Lost In Translation. And it all ends, just like the film, as sweet as Honey. LINK HERE

As always, whenever you require any help with Notarisations and foreign legal documents, please do not hesitate to contact me or Christopher Atkinson here at AtkinsonNotary [0113 816 0116 or] where we shall be more than happy to assist further.