In my most recent blog, link here, I referred to the recent registration of the Specsavers Trade marks, Shouldve and Should’ve.

And not without a degree of bewilderment.

But also, with fulsome praise for Leeds Trade Mark Attorneys HGF LLP who have successfully registered those Marks, in spite of their being what most non-lawyers would consider to be words that are in the dictionaries, in the English Language, and which therefore “belong” to all of us.

As an example of how outrageous some might find the Trade Marks, I wrote in a spirit of what I thought was facetiousness, – “What next? Will Theakston’s Brewery now Trade Mark the word “MASHAM”?” And I added – “You tell me”.

And so, within moments of publishing, I have received a message from Robert Cumming, another excellent Trade Mark Attorney who is a Partner with Appleyard Lees of Leeds.

He wrote “You shouldve just asked me directly Chris: Theakston’s registered MASHAM as a UK trade mark in 1991. “

And he gave me the link –

Blimey. I mean to say!

So I have been playing a game with the Government “Find a Trademark” Website. The link is here  give it a go.

I thought, if Theakston’s have got MASHAM, how about MELTON MOWBRAY, for the pies. See a certain insight into my priorities here?  Anyway, someone may be missing a trick, since I can see that the town itself is not [yet] registered as a Piemaker’s trademark.

On your marks, Trade Mark Attorneys of Leeds – Just Do It . Link here

[oops, tm NIKE].

So whilst I shall be leaving the actual advice on creation and design of your commercial Trade Mark to the experts, when it comes to registering them around the World – give me a call.

As always, whenever you require any help with Notarisations and foreign legal documents, please do not hesitate to contact me or Christopher Atkinson here at AtkinsonNotary [0113 816 0116 or] where we shall be more than happy to assist further.