No Notarisation but require an Apostille? We can do this..- A Reminder from Louise

No Notarisation but require an Apostille? We can do this..- A Reminder from Louise

An Apostille is a stamp which is issued by the Foreign & Commonwealth Office – it confirms that the signatory to a document is genuine. The Foreign Office have a list of Barristers, Solicitors, Registrars, Notaries, Dentists, Doctors, Priests etc.. as to whom they can Apostille against.

For example – if you have a Birth/Death or Marriage Certificate and have been told by the Foreign jurisdiction that Apostille only is required then we can submit your certificate to the Foreign Office to obtain this against the signing Registrar – the Apostille will confirm the signatory is genuine which in turn confirms the certificate is genuine. If the Foreign jurisdiction will accept this without having the Notary intervention then this certainly can be achieved.

The same goes for Criminal Records Bureau Certificate – it is not possible for the Notary to confirm that a CRB certificate is genuine as the Criminal Records Office would not be willing to speak with any third party to verify the information – however there are various CRB certificates which can be applied for and if you apply for the Certificate that shows a signature on it of a registered person from the CRB office then this can be sent directly to the Foreign Office to obtain an Apostille against that signatory. This again would prove that the document is genuine.

If you need an Apostille on an official certificate or indeed need any notarial assistance – please get in touch and I would be very happy to assist and advise accordingly.

And, as always, whenever you require any help with Notarisations and foreign legal documents, please do not hesitate to contact me, Louise Morley, here at AtkinsonNotary [0113 816 0116 or] where we shall be more than happy to assist further.