Don’t Let The Crooks Steal Your House. Some Practical Advice.

Don’t Let The Crooks Steal Your House. Some Practical Advice.

In two of my recent blogs – links here  and here – I have referred to a new criminal growth industry in England – the theft of houses.

There was another reported attempt last week, see this link. A chap was asked by his daughter – “Why didn’t you tell me you are moving house”. She had been looking at an Estate Agency website and thought – That’s my Dad’s house.

And indeed it was Dad’s house, going up for auction!

Not that Dad knew anything about it.

As I have said earlier, this crime has been made so much easier to commit by the fact that since 2003 in England and Wales, title deeds have been abolished.

It is not nearly so hard for thieves to steal your identity and change “virtual Deeds”, as it used to be for them to get their hands on your actual bundle of title deeds written on parchment.

The best way to protect yourself from attacks of this sort, is to establish a link now with the Land Registry.

Once you have done that, the Registry will send you an email every time anyone interacts with your “Title” – Every time anyone makes a search, or downloads your registered title, or seeks to register a change of name or a caution or a mortgage, you will be emailed instantly. This gives you a much better chance of thwarting a criminal before any damage can be done.

So really, what are you waiting for?, do it today.

I have done it just now for my own house and the process took ten minutes, including making a coffee. It was extremely easy and I cannot think of any reason why everyone should not do it straight away.

Here’s how- Go to the Land Registry Website and find your title number [or you may know it if your Solicitors gave you a copy of your registers when you first bought the place]. Link here

Then go to the Land Registry “Property Alert Service” Link here and register yourself and your house on the Alert Service. All done.

So now we have protected our homes, let’s all sing a happy song. Or failing that, this one.

As ever, do contact me or Louise Morley here at AtkinsonNotary [0113 816 0116 or] where we shall be more than happy to assist whenever you have paperwork to be processed for foreign countries.