Thinking of Working in Qatar? Already working in Qatar? – then this is a must read…Louise Morley Explains

Thinking of Working in Qatar? Already working in Qatar? – then this is a must read…Louise Morley Explains

Qatar has very strict guidance on legalising Educational certificates. Legalisation is a necessary step to be taken before your qualifications will be accepted in Qatar.

Dealing with educational certificates for use in Qatar is a three step process:

1. Notarisation – First it is necessary for your Notary to Notarise your original or a copy of your certificates as GENUINE as he has verified. In order to verify, this means that we need to confirm with the educational institution(s) named in your certificate/s that they are indeed genuine. Each University or School has its own process of dealing with verification enquiries which we must follow. We are aware of the requirements of most of them.

2. Foreign Office Apostille – Once the verification has been received by us we can Notarise and then the certificate(s) need to be sent to the Foreign Office for an Apostille stamp [this stamp confirms that Mr Atkinson really has signed the paper and that he is a qualified Notary in England with the necessary professional insurance].

3. Qatar Consular Legalisation. Finally the most complicated step! – Now to obtain the Qatar Government stamp or stamps.

The Embassy has recently announced that all education certificates in the form of:-
Degrees, Diplomas, BA/BSc, M.A and PhDs issued by schools outside the State of Qatar which are submitted for stamping after Notarisation and Apostilles have been obtained, must be supported by the two items listed below:

1. Supported Transcript or equivalent. This is the written statement which your educational provider will have given you with your Degree, giving more details of the subjects covered and the exam standards attained.

2. A covering letter from the issuing educational provider which MUST confirm the following six bullet points:
• The qualification/certificate authenticity
• The mode of study and the type of study: whether full time/part time or distance learning (e-Learning)
• The place of study and the place of the examinations held
• The awarded title of the issued Degree etc
• The duration of the course studied
• The actual dates of study (start date and end date)

Also please note that for each of the two additional items above, they too must be Notarised and then attested by the Apostille, in the same way as the actual Degree/Primary qualification certificate.

Qatar also states that any certificate issued via distance learning or an online program will NOT be accepted for attesting as this is not in line with the rules of The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Doha.

So to summarise, – for each Degree or Diploma certificate you require attesting – it needs to be accompanied by the corresponding transcript or equivalent and also a covering letter issued from the educational institution confirming the 6 bullet points above. Qatar will not legalise without all the documentation being present and they may even still ask for more if they are not satisfied.

Our advice is that if you are planning on working in Qatar then the documentation you submit to prove your required qualification should be kept to the necessary minimum. Remember, each Degree Certificate/Diploma etc needs to be accompanied by the Transcript/or equivalent and cover letter from Educational institution – and as such each document needs to be Apostilled and the Foreign Office fee for every Apostille is £30.

We have recently also heard from one of our fellow Notary colleagues that if you are intending to work in Qatar long-term or are currently working in Qatar and intending to stay, that this documentation needs to be submitted annually – that is, yes, do it all again every year!

However please note that after we have carried out this process for you once, then to submit annually should pretty much be straight forward since we do keep full records of all Notarisation and verifications we carry out and we also keep clean scans of any certificates which we Notarise and legalise – which means that if we have verified your certificate once then there is no need for us to verify every year – the answer will be same! So it should simply be a case of printing the clean scans then Notarising as genuine again with the new date and then submit for steps 2 and 3. However, we do presume that an updated verification letter from the school will also be required annually.

A further point to note is that the position is fluid, the Qatar rules are new and already there have been several changes.

There are fees to pay for the Qatari legalisation stamps and we have not printed them in this Blog because they are changing so regularly that if you read this in a few weeks’ time, anything we quote today will likely be out of date.

I have tried to keep this Blog as straightforward as possible – but as you can see it is not straightforward to submit English academic documents for use in Qatar and I am very happy to assist if you are currently working in Qatar or are planning to. Get in touch and we will explain how matters stand up to date.

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