Probate Fees Increase. Cancelled? Or Just Postponed?

Probate Fees Increase. Cancelled? Or Just Postponed?

A few of my recent Blogs have dealt with the proposed amazing increases in the fees to be charged for Grants of Probate.

At present the Government admits that the current fees (of £155 charged when a Solicitor lodges the application, or £215 when an applicant in person does so) are more than sufficient to cover the actual cost of running the Probate registry.

Nevertheless there are other areas of the Courts which are making a loss, and the idea is that probate fees should now be made to subsidise the loss making areas. And the new charge in the worst case, of a relatively wealthy couple dying together or shortly one after another, is up to £40,000.00.

Yes, I know.

Anyway, the news now of course is, there is going to be a general election.

And the Probate fees proposal, and several other tax raising initiatives, are all being postponed until after that.

I am seeing many commentators giving sighs of relief, saying what good news this is. As if the 9000 [Nine Thousand!] per cent increase has been consigned to history. Of course no such binding promise has been made.

Still I suppose, if Christmas were to be postponed until the end of January, the turkeys would feel cheered up.

As to the election, the newspapers are full of the results of the opinion polls, talking of a prospective landslide for the Conservatives.

But, was it not in November 2016, when Donald Trump became US President, and before that in UK in 2015, when the Conservatives won a majority of seats, that the papers were all running articles along the lines of – “Why were the Polls so wrong?”

You would have thought that opinion pollsters would have realised the futility of their calling, and all got other jobs, but here they are back again.

Have you ever spoken to an opinion pollster? Me neither.

So exactly whose opinions are they canvassing, and then extrapolating and publishing? At a guess, the opinions of people who are not bright or spry enough to spot a lurking opinion pollster in the street, and to cross the road to evade “thy long grey beard and glittering eye”?

We shall all know soon enough – interesting times, and it all just keeps coming.

In the meantime, a link here to a song The Future is Coming On.

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