Notarised Consents to travel – An Update from Louise Morley At AtkinsonNotary Limited

Notarised Consents to travel – An Update from Louise Morley

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As mentioned previously South Africa has been the forefront of requesting such consents – and if a child is to travel with only one or no parents then they will not be able to travel to South Africa without having such a consent notarised.

It seems more and more countries are now following suit – airlines are now checking that before they even let you on a plane that the necessary consent(s) are in place.

I really wanted to remind all our contacts and client that it is almost certain that if you have a child who is wishing to travel without one or both parents then a consent must be provided

We deal with many of these consents on a weekly basis and can prepare the necessary paperwork that is required.

Some countries have their own specific template of what the consent should say – if in doubt then please speak with me or the Notary and we can advise accordingly.

The appointment would be relatively short – the consenting parent or parents would need to bring to the appointment their passports and a proof of address for each signatory. We would also need to see the long-form Birth Certificate of the child [this is the certificate that states the parents’ details].

The same information above applies for any guardian(s) of a child – the only additional piece of information we would need to see is a Court Order confirming the authority of the guardian.

I get asked many times by clients whether a consent would be required and whether this has to be notarised – my advice is every time YES YES YES – you do not want to get to the airport to be turned away by the airline or the Border guards. This would be awful for all parties concerned – all the planning and preparation and expense wasted in an instant.

I  would imagine at this stage that to try and see a Notary – perhaps in the night-time as well – would be near impossible – there are not many Notary Publics in the country, I think at the last count there are approximately 800 in England and Wales – however most of this 800 are located in the South of England so one would imagine that you would be highly unlikely to be able to meet a Notary in this emergency – and remember airlines usually give travellers around 2 hours between booking in and flights to depart. The airport will not allow for a consent to be written by the parent and signed without this being done before a Notary Public.

Well what is it that the Notary does, you may ask? A Notary is a legal officer who is authorised to assist in paperwork for use in many countries of the world – what the Notary is warranting to the foreign jurisdiction is that he/she has checked the consenting parent(s) identification, Birth Certificates and keeps a full record of all documentation seen.

It is the international process that any documentation for use overseas usually needs to be put before a Notary in the first instance.

Every day we hearing more horror stories of travellers being denied travel due to the fact that no consent has been dealt with.

Do not fall victim – we have the consents, we can help, we can make it easy and straightforward and more to the point hassle-free and giving you peace of mind.

Please do contact me if you would like to arrange an appointment to deal with a travel consent. Website is and to phone me it’s 01138160116