Working in Australia – or Anywhere!  – A Blog From Louise at AtkinsonNotary

Working in Australia – or Anywhere!  – A Blog From Louise at AtkinsonNotary

We are increasingly seeing many professional clients who are intending either to work in Australia permanently – or just wanting to take a bit of time out from the English weather to work in sunny Australia for a year or two.

Typically these are Medicos – nurses, doctors and dentists – whose skills are in demand down under.

As part of the application process the Australians require various documents to be notarised – this usually consists of educational certificates, identification documents and can also include the Australian “EPIC Identification form”

What the Australians are requiring us to do is basically see original documents which the Australia require in support of the client’s application and also make our own identity checks of the individual.

After seeing the originals documents the process is that we would at that stage take and notarise as true and complete, individual photocopies of each certificate.

It should also be noted that Australia does have very specific wording when it comes to what they want the notary to say – this includes the word “sighted” – for example the usual notarisation would be “I certify that I have sighted the original document and this is a true copy of it”.

You will note from the notarisation wording that we are not required to say that the original certificate is genuine – the reason for this is that, for clients who are emigrating for medical jobs Australia has its own process in place to verify that the original certificates are actually genuine.

Each country is different in their Notarial requirements.

For example UAE insist that we check that any educational certificate(s) are genuine.

This entails us contacting the college/university that has issued the certificates in order verify authenticity – In fact most countries of the world require the Notary to verify the certificates.

However if in doubt you can ask the foreign jurisdiction whether they require the Notary to verify – if as is often the case you are unable to obtain a clear and concise answer from the foreign adviser then the “belt and braces” approach is to ask us to verify.

So if you are planning on working in Australia then we have the certificates [it is indeed very concerning, to see how many UK trained doctors are leaving here]

In fact if you are planning on working anywhere in the world then we have the certificates for you.

If you require any further information then please do contact me at this office on 0113 816 0116 or by email – I would be very happy to assist in any way possible.