More News – Travelling With Children.

Once more, travelling abroad with children.

Still more misunderstandings and mess-ups when children are travelling abroad.

Imagine that somehow, your young daughter has been taken abroad without your knowledge or agreement. Perhaps a relative you have fallen out with, is taking her to the Country where your divorced husband, her father, lives.

How grateful would you be, if an airport border guard or an airline employee decided that the absence of second adult, and/or the fact that the accompanying adult’s surname was different from the child’s, justified a detention whilst investigations were made?

Your child is returned to you and the kidnapper taken to court.

And the alternative in these cases can be a lifetime of torment for you. Look on the internet for examples – link here at random – to say nothing of the horror for the child, torn from her mother and taken to live in a foreign country with a father perhaps not seen for years.

They may not speak the new language, they will miss you, home, school and friends. Maybe this will continue for years, whilst you devote all of your time and money to fighting in a foreign Court system for the return of the children to you.

This will be your only priority. Work commitments and the opportunities for promotions and career development will become irrelevant to you. The lives of you and your child – changed for ever.

But yes, it is an airport problem and a hassle for the majority of us who are not in fact kidnapping babies but just trying to get on the plane.

Do we just accept it as one more inconvenience, and always remember to travel with our own and our children’s birth certificates, our marriage certificates if we are married, our divorce certificates and copy court orders if there are any, whenever we go abroad with the kids?

For the time being, yes exactly that – take all that paperwork is the only answer.

Just more stuff to do, just like all the rest of the border guard vigilance that inconveniences us all at airports, you know, having to take off our shoes, get searched, delayed, maybe taken at random to one side to be screened for traces of explosives on our hands and clothes. What a chore. Still, it’s a degree of magnitude preferable, to an explosion followed by death, yes?

It happened to an MP recently, Tulip Siddiq, who is suggesting that changes to passports are needed. – Link Here –

It used to be, years ago, that a parent’s British passport would be endorsed with the child’s details. That was fine, but hardly convenient if the children were travelling with Dad, whilst Mum was travelling elsewhere and the child was endorsed on Mother’s passport.

But what is wrong with Ms Siddiq’s idea that if children are to be given their own passports, then the children’s passports should show the names of the parents, or guardians? Seems workable?

In the meantime, what should be your reaction when you are delayed at the airport border check, whilst an official questions you as to the fact that you appear to be a lone adult, travelling with a child whose surname is different from your own? And maybe missing your connecting flight?

Well if the idea of giving a case of champagne is going a bit far, perhaps lifelong gratitude would not be misplaced?

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