Holidays Abroad with your own Children. What Else Can Possibly Go Wrong?

Holidays Abroad with your own Children. What Else Can Possibly Go Wrong?

I have blogged before and no doubt will do again, to remind readers that if they travel as a single adult with a child, the border guards and airlines will investigate.

Child Kidnap is a real thing:  single adults with children stick out like sore thumbs as far as border guards are concerned and I have explained what you need to do to ensure that the journey can go ahead.

Any child kidnapper with brains therefore will travel with an adult accomplice. The border guards have brains too and understand this. So, any adults travelling with children whom they claim to be their own, will be required to prove it.

As I have blogged before, this means that you need to carry the children’s birth certificates so that you can prove the relationship.

It is better if you get the certificate/s notarised, but you may be ok if you don’t.

But what’s this? – link here – a family mother father and two kids, spend over £8000.00 for the proverbial “holiday of a lifetime” and remember to take the birth certificates. And they still can’t get in.

Yes, I know.

Because, what they took with them were genuine “Certificates of Birth”. Silly misguided folk that they were they thought that an English Certificate of Birth is a Birth Certificate. Rookie error or what.

No sir, a Certificate of Birth is not what the border guards want.

The South African website does make that clear. Or tries to: – it says in every case that the Birth Certificate must be the UBC – Unabridged Birth Certificate.

Because it is the the UBC which shows the information the borders agencies are looking for – Who are the parents?

Here is a Certificate of Birth © General Records Office  – Link Here –

No use at airports because the parents are not named. It is merely what it says it is, a Certificate of Birth of a child. Unfortunate really, that we use the label Birth Certificate for the document that is actually required.

Here is an image, of the correct form.  © General Records Office

It is properly called “A CERTIFIED COPY OF AN ENTRY PURSUANT TO THE BIRTHS AND DEATHS REGISTRATION ACT 1953. Well it’s a snappy title, I can’t think why no one calls them that.

My point is this – if a holiday costs £8000.00, why not get in touch with me for a hundred or so, to make sure you don’t waste the whole lot? I have a track record – I have prepared holiday packages of documentation regularly over the past several years – not one of my client has been denied their travel.

This client response is genuine:-

“Hello there, Last year at this time you did us a Consent of Travel document so that we could take our grandchildren on holiday. We will be taking them again this year and so will need the same sort of document again. Incidentally the Cruise line said that yours was the best documentation they had ever had and it made their job so much easier

“Janet Richardson.”

So there we are, pay £8000.00 for the safari, a few pounds for me, and the kids will get to see the elephants.

A song, – link here – and our usual reminder:-

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