We Can Certify Company Papers.

We can certify your Company Papers.

As a Notary in England assisting Companies with interests abroad, I have a fund of cases which highlight the problems which can arise in certifications for use in foreign Countries.

L. P. Hartley said – “the past is a different country, they do things differently there”

Well AtkinsonNotary can certainly tell you, that a foreign Country is a foreign country, and Eee by gum they do things differently there.

Perhaps the biggest disconnection between the UK Company Culture and that of other countries, might be between us and former Eastern Bloc countries, in respect of the matter of Companies House recorded information.

In former Soviet Russia and its satellites, the State required to know and authorise everything. So, the State would be in a position at any time to say who were the authorised Directors of a Company.

And to say, whether the Company has a licence here and an accreditation there.

To Say, whether the Company has a recorded criminal conviction.

To say, whether or not the Company has paid all tax due and to issue a certificate that it has. 

To say, whether a company is insolvent.

The idea that this is possible remains the mind-set in these countries.

Contrast and compare. Some of the above can be easily ascertained from Companies House in England. But, much of it cannot.

For example the suggestion that the English tax office will issue a certificate that ABC Limited has paid all taxes due from it up to date – is a non-runner. Quite the opposite in fact, the HMRC reserve the right to investigate a Companies Tax affairs retrospectively after many years.

And yet, if you are putting in a tender for work in Poland, you will be asked to provide such unobtainable certification.

A second example. In many foreign States, application is made to the State for the right to become a Director. The State approved you, and you are appointed. So, the State will always know the names of the Directors of a Company.

In England, the Company decides who it will appoint as Director. And once it has done so, those persons are Directors. And then Companies House should be told. But if the Company Secretary takes ages to tell Companies House then it won’t know. But the Directors are still the Directors.

The situation therefore is that Companies House here in England is not the source of authority, but in effect is merely an office which records what it has been told. Re-active, not proactive.

Recently, Companies House has decided to discontinue revealing the information it has as to the holders of a Company’s shares. This is a problem when the bureaucrats of, say, Azerbaijan are demanding certification of the identities of the company’s shareholders and the number and value of shares held. Sometimes the only information available is to be found from Company returns which may be over a year old.

This is the kind of anomaly which can be warranted and explained and “made all right” by a thorough Notarial Certification. We are here to help.

At AtkinsonNotary we are subscribers to Companies House Direct which is a paid-for service, rather than the free Companies House website. The latter whilst increasingly reliable has in my experience occasionally revealed gaps in Company narrative. The paid service also enable instant ordering of certificates from Companies House when available.

In respect of Companies House certificates, I would seek to suggest to Company secretaries that when these are required to be obtained and Notarised, it will save you time and money if you ask me to Contact Companies House to obtain them direct.

It will save time because I can order them within minutes of your contact and receive them the following day.

It will save money because, having ordered the Certificate and received it direct from Companies House, there is no need for me to contact Companies House to ensure that the certificate received is genuine, as I would otherwise be required to do. [Not that I don’t trust you, mind!]

For wrestling with foreign Company requirements, and for documents for use around the world do contact me or Louise here at AtkinsonNotary E7 Joseph’s Well Leeds LS3 1AB, phone 0113 8160116 and email notary@atkinsonnotary.com or via the website http://www.atkinsonnotary.com