Authenticating Your Educational Certificates – “Help please I am overseas!” Louise Morley Assists.

Authenticating Your Educational Certificates – “Help please I am overseas!” Louise Morley Assists.

Many clients email me from overseas requesting assistance in verifying, notarising and legalising copies of their English Educational Certificates i.e Degrees, Transcripts as genuine.

The main concern is that they are not in England and need to deal with this remotely – i.e by email.

This need not be not a problem – we can usually do this for you.

Upon hearing from you, we will contact the educational institution which has issued your certificate(s) – Degrees, Diplomas, Exam results etc, to confirm authenticity.

Each University and school will have a standard procedure which needs to be followed and they usually charge a small fee of around £10.

If you are already overseas then this is not an issue – we can deal with this remotely i.e by email.

The norm is that the University will require that the student sign a consent authorising them to release the verification details to us.

We will prepare any necessary consents and email them directly to you for signing and dating and scanning and emailing directly back to me if this is allowed, otherwise you may need to post the “wet signed” consent back to us.

Upon which country you require to use your notarised certificates depends the process which next must be followed – different countries have different requirements and it is our job to keep up to speed with the latest guidance for notarisation and legalisation – if you are unsure as to the requirements for notarisation and legalisation then why not ask the experts! (And that would be us by the way!)

An example of a country that does continuously change the process necessary to obtain their certification stamps would be The People’s Republic of China “PRC”.

Their strict guidelines must be adhered to. Not just one Authorisation needs to be provided but two! – Also if there is any discrepancy with your name listed on the certificate and the name listed in your passport [often we find that your University will have omitted your middle name from your Degree Certificate. Why do they do that?] then again the PRC will reject. They will require an Affidavit is prepared and sworn before a Notary confirming that the name discrepancy is an error and the certificate is yours.

Another example UAE – UAE will not have any bundling of documents whatsoever – so if you have a degree and a related transcript then you may think they both could be attached together to make one document thereby saving on legalisation fees as the UAE charge £37.50 for a private document and a whopping £500 for a commercial document – but no, the UAE will not accept any bundling – all documents must be separate. And separate fees must be paid.

All I am trying to say is don’t be worried. If you are overseas or of course, if you are in England, and you need your certificate(s) verifying, notarising and legalising for use abroad – then why not let me worry about the requirements and instruct me to proceed on your behalf?

As always, Please do contact me or Chris whenever you need Notarial certification or Legalisation for any of your Documents– at – or phone me on 0113 816 0116 (internationally 0044 113 8160116)