Summer Holidays Abroad? Got Your Notarised Consent to Travel?

Summer Holidays Abroad? Got Your Notarised Consent to Travel?

It is that time of the year – the big mid-year school holiday break! – Foreign holidays are being booked by parents for their children to enjoy travelling with  – Both parents? One parent? or no parent?

We have done many blogs over the years about the need for Consent to Travel for children travelling with one or no parents but due to the time of year I think a reminder blog would be useful.

As mentioned previously, South Africa now insists on a notarised Consent to Travel on every occasion that a child is to the visit the country without both parents.

Thousands of holidays have been ruined because people have not prepared the necessary documents. Here is an example

Here is another

Increasingly more and more European countries are now insisting on such a Consent to be produced.  Portugal is now giving the advice that a Consent to Travel must be produced.

So what do you need to do?

Firstly please ring to arrange a mutually convenient appointment to meet with the Notary.  South Africa is the only country at present that has their own specific form which they require completing and notarising. For any other country we can prepare a suitable notarised Consent.

What do you need to bring for the Notary to prepare you a Consent to Travel:

We would be required to see the consenting parent’s/guardian’s passports and a proof of address i.e bank statement or utility bill.

Also please bring the child’s long form Birth Certificate [the long-form certificate shows the parent(s) names]. If you do not have a long form certificate and the child was born in UK we can purchase this on your behalf. Also do note that this Birth Certificate should be carried on the journey in due course,

If possible please bring the travel itinerary – it is useful to mention flight times and numbers in the consent.

Also if possible please bring original or a copy of the passport of the travelling adult and of the child. This is not essential, because those passports will be carried on the journey.

It is a lot of fuss and palaver, looked at from your point of view. Sorry about that. But look at it from the Airline’s and Border Guards’ viewpoint. They are working to stop children being abducted, kidnapped or trafficked.

And, of course, most instances of child abduction are committed by one of the parents. Here is a link to a list fourteen pages long of cases in European Court of Human Rights. Rule of thumb, how many thousands of abductions for every case which reaches that Court?

So really, no point in arguing, just get in touch with us and we will help you through the maze.

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