Do You Need To Prove Your Educational Certificates Abroad? Louise Can Help You.

Overseas clients – When you need assistance with notarising/legalising your educational certificate(s) – Please get in touch we can help

If you are not in England but require your educational certificates notarised and/or legalised i.e Foreign Office Apostille and/or Embassy stamps then you will be pleased to hear that it is not obligatory that we see you in person, – you will be pleased to hear that we can deal with your requirements using email and post.

The typical process would be for you to email directly to us and attach scan(s) of the certificates you require verifying and then notarising/legalising.

If you then require copies (not originals) of your certificates to be notarised/legalised then there is no need for you to send us the original certificate(s).

Once scans of the certificate(s) have been received I would be able to revert back to you at that point with a quote to carry out the work.

It is also usual for some educational institutions to require a signed consent before they will confirm to us that your document is genuine– again we can deal with this via email. We will prepare the necessary consent as an email for signing, dating and return.

The notarisation given in relation to Educational certificates, is to confirm to the foreign jurisdiction that your original certificate(s) is authentic/genuine.

The verification process and what does it entail?

The process for verifying an Educational certificate i.e your Degree/Masters certificate. Basically we contact the University to confirm that your certificate is genuine. Some Educational institutions charge a small fee to release this information to us – usually this us around £15. The timescales involved can vary in receiving verification – typically it can be around a week

Notarisation process

Once verification has been received we are then ready to certify the certificate(s) as genuine as verified and place the Notary’s stamp and seal upon the original/copy certificate. We must also state on the certificate that the educational institute is an accredited institute in England and Wales. It you are not sure whether you would require your original or copy certificate notarised then you would need to check with the end recipient as to what that require.

Legalisation process

Some countries require that the certificate(s) go through the “legalisation process”. If you are unsure as to whether you do require legalisation please do contact us and we can confirm the guidance for the particular country in question or you can check with the end user whether they require legalisation.

What is legalisation?

For some countries notarisation is not enough they also require the certificate(s) in question to go through a “legalisation” process – in a nutshell this entails submitting the certificate(s) to the Foreign Office for an “Apostille” stamp. This stamp is issued by the British Government and confirms that the Notary who has certified the document is genuine and the Apostille stamp contains a unique number which is back-checkable on the internet and relates to your specific document. The Foreign Office Apostille stamp is £30 per document.

And sometimes, in some counties even the Apostille stamp alone is not enough and the requirement is that the document should also be submitted to the country’s Embassy.

The Embassy stamp issued confirms that the Foreign Office Apostille stamp is genuine.

The fees vary from Embassy to Embassy i.e UAE currently charge £37.50 per certificate and The Peoples Republic of China charges £32 per certificate etc…

You will be pleased to note that we offer the full package – whether you require notarising and/or legalisation.

We have many years of experience in dealing with Educational certificates for clients and we make it our business to keep up to date with the requirements for all countries of the world so as to provide a top notch service for our clients. If you need assistance then do not delay, get in touch, you will not regret it.

Remember, if you require our services or if you have any queries on any of the services that we offer then please do not hesitate to email us and

Or alternatively please telephone on 0113 8160116 or 07715608747. Please also feel free to visit our website